The Importance of Doctors Who Advocate for Their Disabled Patients

Just recently, Bonny G. Rafel was successful in an appeal for a New Jersey woman who suffers from multiple conditions primarily associated with Crohn’s Disease and the treatment necessary to treat this serious condition. MetLife Insurance Company denied her claim for Crohn’s Disease. We knew that in order to succeed on her behalf, we would have to convince MetLife that the cumulative effect of her conditions and treatment impaired her ability to reliably function in any work setting full time. We coordinated our personalized efforts with her doctors who supported her claim and willingly completed our custom designed questionnaires to demonstrate that the treatment for her condition had actually caused some of the symptoms that now impair her. This includes Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency , a condition which often results from the long-term steroid regimen that accompanies treatment for Crohn’s disease. Thanks to the help of her treating doctors, we were able to convince MetLife to reverse the denial just one week after submitting her appeal.

At Bonny G. Rafel we establish a good working relationship with our client’s treating doctors to facilitate the exchange of information the insurance company is often lacking during their initial review.

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