Deciding Whether to File A Claim for Disability

Recently, I met with a 59 year-old medical professional who had been battling a degenerative muscular disease and was contemplating filing for disability benefits after years of battling through pain and limitations on the job. Despite the fact that his condition left him constantly having to send clients out to others in his field, this professional was reluctant to file for disability insurance because his experience in the field left him wary of the procedural hurdles the insurance company would throw in his way should he decide to make a claim for his rightful benefits. Even more shocking was that he was hesitant to make a claim despite paying eighteen plus years’ worth of premiums.

Our team of lawyers and paralegals sat with him and together we prepared his submissions to the insurance company. He now enjoys the peace of mind that his claim has been approved, his life long professional practice ended respectfully and he has our firm as his liason with the insurance company so that he can focus on improving his health and daily life as much as possible.

If this story sounds like your own, don’t let the fear of procedural hurdles and insurance company tricks prevent you from getting what is rightfully yours. Remember, this isn’t charity, these are benefits that you rightly deserve, and even more importantly, have been paid for. If the prospect of dealing with insurance companies has left you wary of filing a claim for benefits even in the face of a disabling condition, hire a professional who has experience that will impact the outcome of your claim. A qualified attorney can take care of all the hurdles and roadblocks the insurance company puts up for you and make sure that you get the benefits and the quality of life that you deserve. Check our website, Bonny G. Rafel LLC

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