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This year, we had the opportunity to help a trial attorney analyze his options and determine the best pathway for him to follow related to his employment and disability. He asked that we post this for our readers:

“I am a service professional who recently retained Ms. Rafel’s firm after I suffered from a mental health episode that required hospitalization. Ms. Rafel was the first attorney I spoke with when I returned home. She was extremely comforting and reassuring.

When my wife and I met with her for an initial consultation we realized she was the right attorney to advocate on my behalf. she was firm and compassionate and took the time to answer all of our questions, even when she was on vacation. Because of Ms. Rafel’s efforts and those that work for her, I was able to collect the backpay that was owed to me by my former employer, and I am now on the path to complete mental health.

Rebecca from Newark, DE sent me this kind note and asked that I post it in our blog.
July 7, 2010
I could not find a lawyer in Delaware to take my case for short term disability, although they would take it for Social Security and long term disability. I was referred to Bonny by a lawyer that would not take my case. By the time I contacted her it was the last day for my appeal. She was not going to take my case because she did not have time file for the appeal but told me she would help me with the letter to the State requesting an extension for the appeal. I knew from her staff she was to attend an award ceremony that evening and was heavily involved in other case deadlines. However, as she helped me write the letter she reviewed the reason I was denied and short time period I was given for the appeal and it angered her so much she decided to take my case because I was unfairly denied benefits. She called the OMB for the State of Delaware and got a verbal extension for my appeal. I do not think she made it to her dinner that night because she was on the phone with me until after 5 preparing the case. Some lawyers state they are a voice for the disabled but she really is a caring, hard working person and without her I had no chance of winning against one of the largest insurance companies. She worked tirelessly, for over a year with no money, using the resources of her staff and firm. She has a wonderful staff that is very knowledgeable and helpful. When I got the call we had won I was so surprised because I had given up. How do you thank someone who gave you back your financial security?

Oftentimes, we learn the most from others that have shared our experiences. In this setting, people that are disabled, seek out counsel, but obviously have never had to consult with an attorney who concentrates in disability law. There is a need for disabled people to communicate with each other when they have had a good experience with attorneys helping them at this difficult time. We at Rafel LLC welcome our clients to send comments regarding our firms’ services, so that others can learn benefit from that information.

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