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If you or someone you love suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), you already know how debilitating this progressive and incurable illness can be. Nearly one million people in the United States currently live with MS. In honor of MS awareness month, we highlight this all-too common illness and share tips and resources for succeeding in MS-based disability claims.

MS is an autoimmune disorder that attacks the central nervous system – the part of your body that controls your ability to walk and think. It causes unpredictable symptoms such as pain, fatigue, impaired balance and walking, issues with memory and cognition, mood changes, blindness and/or paralysis. Although there is no cure for MS, there are therapies and medications available to treat its symptoms, reduce the frequency and severity of attacks, and to slow the progression of the disease.

MS affects everyone differently, and the nature and severity of its symptoms will vary by patient.  Many people who have been diagnosed with MS can continue to work for years before their ability to complete their job duties is impacted. We’ve previously shared examples of the types of accommodations that can be requested when that happens. Once symptoms have progressed to a point where accommodations are no longer enough, it may be time to submit a disability claim.

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