Primer on Disability Insurance -Few Employees Are Covered

Whether you have a desk job or perform manual labor, its vital to consider protecting your income with a disability insurance policy in case you become disabled from working. This is different from worker’s compensation coverage.

In a recent article published in the Times Free Press, the author examines the “public-private partnership” between insurers and the government. Tom Watjen, the CEO of Unum estimated that in roughly 70% of the households, if the breadwinner were to become injured and not able to work, he would not be able to meet all his household expenses.

That is a very scary idea to think that more than 2/3 of America’s workers are not protected. The author of the article notes that more people have fire insurance on their homes and auto insurance on their cars compared to disability insurance even though the odds of getting injured are greater than a house going on fire or a car crash.

There are many disability coverage options available to the public and many available to employees of large companies. Research what your employer offers to you to determine whether investigating personal individual disability coverage would be prudent.

While there are government programs to help those who are injured and not working such as workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability Income, these are dependent on the government finding that you cannot work under their guidelines and protocols.

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