Living With Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain should never be overlooked and can result in disability, especially if surgery fails to permit you to return to full function. We at Bonny G. Rafel review many claims associated with lower back conditions because if you cannot sit for many hours in a day performing your work related duties, you will eventually seek disability benefits.

In a recent article in the Herald Tribune, the author elaborates on the source of lower back pain and the severity of the disorder. The National Institute of Health has stated that lower back pain is their No. 2 neurological disorder, trailing behind headaches.

There are many factors that can increase your risk of developing lower back pain. These factors include being overweight, being in poor physical condition, your age, and even your job. If you have a job that requires constant lifting, bending, or putting any stress on your spine you are more likely to develop back pain. You can also develop this pain by working at a desk and not sitting properly with your back up and straight
It is very important to let your treating physician know when lower back pain is causing discomfort and affecting your ability to perform your job at your full capacity. If the pain continues to interfere with your performance, seek professional treatment immediately.

We at Bonny G. Rafel can provide professional legal advise on your disability related to a back condition.

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