Rafel wins Parkinson’s Disease case for New Jersey client

Ms. Rafel recently won an administrative appeal filed on behalf of her client suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Prudential Insurance Company had denied benefits claiming that there was no proof that the physical symptoms were so disabling as to render him unable to work as a retail stock broker. Prudential relied solely on its own medical consultant and nurse to support their case. Rafel pointed out her client’s problems controlling his movement as well as the cognitive deficits that have affected his critical judgment skills and ability to recall. Rafel documented that medications for the Parkinson’s Disease symptoms caused side effects that contribute to his inability to work. She elicited the cooperation of her clients’ treating doctors, including Susan B. Bressman, MD a board certified Neurologist who specializes in movement disorders at the Department of Neurology at Beth Israel Hospital in New York City. Each doctor completed comprehensive questionnaires that Rafel staff formulated to respond to Prudential’s review. Thankfully, benefits will now resume and hopefully continue until this client reaches the age of 70.

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