Severe Migraines Can Lead to Disability

Each of us knows at least one person who suffers from migraines which often can be managed with medication. For those of you who do not know what it is like to experience a migraine, it is difficult to describe. In a New York Times article titled Migraine Miseries Push Patients to Ways of Coping, the author states that migraines can cause such severe throbbing pain in the head and nausea that the victim may have to retreat to a dark room for a day or more.

Craig Partridge, the chief scientist for a high tech research company, describes a migraine as imagining “someone having driven a nail straight through your head.”

The Migraine Research Foundation reported that nearly a quarter of all households are affected by migraines and that migraines are three times more likely to occur with women compared to men. The Foundation also found that more than 10% of adults and children suffer from migraines.

When filing a disability insurance claim citing migraines as the main reason why you cannot perform your normal work duties, it is important to provide your treating physician a list or ledger of the symptoms that affect you and even a migraine journal of the regularity of your migraines and how long they last. When migraines do not respond to medication and cause you to be absent from work on a regular basis, you may be unable to sustain a full time work schedule.

At Bonny G. Rafel LLC, we assist our clients file for disability, and work on appeals to insurance companies to convince them that the restrictions and limitations of migraines can indeed render someone disabled.

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