Disability Caused by Physical Impairment

In many long-term disability insurance policies, insurance companies struggle to almost always apply a mental illness limitation when the insured has both mental and physical complaints. The language in these mental illness limitations vary by policy. In George v. Reliance Std. Life Ins. Co., 776 F.3d 349 (5th Cir. Tex. 2015), the Court grappled with the “caused by or contributed to by” language in the mental illness limitation in Reliance Standard Life Insurance Co.’s policy, which reads “Monthly Benefit for Total Disability caused by or contributed to by mental or nervous disorders will not be payable beyond an aggregate lifetime maximum duration of twenty-four (24) months.”

This Court had never considered the meaning of this phrase, but other courts concluded that this language excludes “coverage only when the claimant’s physical disability was insufficient to render him totally disabled”. The Fifth Circuit agreed with this “but-for cause” interpretation, especially since Reliance had advocated for this interpretation in the past. For example, in Gunn v. Reliance Std. Life Ins. Co., 2010 U.S. App. LEXIS 17436 (9th Cir. Cal. 2010), Gunn was required to show that he was totally disabled “solely due to his physical conditions stemming from his multiple sclerosis, without taking into account the disabling effects of any mental or nervous disorders”.

In light of this interpretation, the Court had to consider whether George’s physical disabilities were independently sufficient to render him Totally Disabled. George, as a United States Army helicopter pilot, had his leg amputated following a helicopter crash. Although George’s depression and post-traumatic stress disorder contributed to his employment status, the Court determined that he was disabled due to his physical impairments irrespective of his psychiatric condition, taking him outside of the mental illness limitation.

The story of Robert George piqued my interest because it is so similar to the experience of our clients struggling to have their disability claims paid beyond the mental illness limitation. Contact us at Bonny G. Rafel, LLC, a significant percentage of the cases we handle involve claimants with disabling conditions of both the body and mind. We understand that instead of insurance companies being sympathetic to your condition, they would rather take full advantage of your emotional turmoil and use it against you in limiting the disability benefits you deserve.

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